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At Global Efficient Roofing in Phoenix we have installed thousands of solar panels all over the United States. We are expert contractors with a track record of success in the green energy field. We are ready to service your needs in solar and other green technology installation: Power on with GER

Why is GER the Right Choice?

GER makes upgrading to solar and to energy independence simple. We will evaluate the best option for your home’s special needs and create a custom plan based on your home’s assessment. We’ll even help you with the State and Federal rebates.

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Our FREE Project Quote Program

Completion of your client’s solar projects and other home improvements is efficient and easy with Global Efficient Roofing

Global Efficient Roofing is not limited only to solar panel installation projects. Since our creation, we have specialized in all electric services and installations. Our services can scale to any of your client’s projects and we can successfully service both residential and commercial bids.

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Our Free Energy Assessment Program

Did you know? Approximately 80 percent of homes are under insulated and have inefficient heating, lighting and air conditioning.

A free energy assessment identifies where energy is being wasted by checking: light bulb temperatures, AC efficiency, electrical wiring, how much power your home uses, door/window air leaks, hot/cold spots, proper ventilation, attic temperature, and insulation levels.

Call Our Customer Service Hotline @ (866) 835-7149


(866) 835-7149


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Global Efficient Roofing

When it comes to trusted and energy efficient roofing solutions in Phoenix we have over 20 years of experience.

We support local Arizona businesses by partnering with them to complete projects. All of the professionals we contract are licensed, insured and family owned and operated. Our local business promise means that we do not hire franchised companies, instead we work directly with small businesses whos owners facilitate and oversee all operations of the project. This includes, framers, roofers, to cleanup crews. Our Local Businesses First approach ensures you get personalized and quality service. When you hire Global Efficient Roofing  here are some of the contractors who will ensure you receive excellent service: Starkweather for our Phoenix green roof installations. Lifetime Roof for new roof construction projects. Arizona Junk Removal, for all our dumpster bin rentals to ensure your property remains tidy throughout our reroofing or new roof installation projects.