At Global Efficient Energy we have installed thousands of solar panels all over the United States. We are expert contractors with a track record of success in the green energy field. We are ready to service your needs in solar and other green technology installation: Power on with GEE
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Global Efficient Energy is not limited only to solar panel installation projects. Since our creation, we have specialized in all electric services and installations. Our services can scale to any of your client’s projects and we can successfully service both residential and commercial bids.

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“There were many other options to help save on our electric bill! We also wanted to share our GREAT SAVINGS with you. For the month of June 2012 compared to June 2011, we saved 43% or $57.00 on our electric bill. We are excited to see what our savings will be for the remaining summer and this coming winter! Thank you again! We look forward to doing business with you in the future for all our energy savings needs!”
Tommy and Marilyn Long
Dear Global Efficient Energy, Thank you Global Efficient Energy! Thanks to your products and services, including the platinum home energy package, my electric bills have dropped over 50%. Since the addition of the solar seal to my home, I do not experience any more hot or cold spots throughout my master bedroom. Also, my AC unit no longer runs continuously throughout the day. My electric bills went from an average of $550 in 2012 to an average of $190 in 2013. We have truly enjoyed the platinum home energy package and look forward to adding additional products from you in the future. I could not be more satisfied with your products and service.
Stephen Vinsen
My air conditioning system was blowing hot air. I called Global Efficient Energy and they were able to get me a next day appointment. They called me when the technician was heading over, which I really liked, and the technician showed up on time. He was nice and very informative. He had my air conditioner up and running again and I was pleased. He cleaned up behind him as well.
Patrick Stein
If you’re looking to improve your energy costs for your home, these are the guys to call. They did some attic insulation work and replaced my windows for double pane windows. They did a really good install and helped me to dramatically reduce my energy bill.
Eduardo Healy
The wife and I were skeptical having Global to install solar seals in our attic. Just by listening to Mr. Jeff Hanna’s brief on how we can save dollars on our utility bill, it was a no-brainer to take the risk. The month of the installation our CPS bill was $313 and the month after the install the bill came down to $203. This was when that polar vortex was going through with sub-freezing temperatures here in San Antonio. We had cold zones in the front of our house to include our master bathroom. Now, there is equal heat throughout the house. Another benefit from having solar seals that the hot water doesn’t take long to get to the rear of the house, keeping the cold weather out of our attic. I can’t wait until Global finishes our 10 solar panel install. This is huge savings in the long run. Why not pay less of a monthly payment towards improving your home instead of paying for an expensive monthly utility bill? Thanks for all your help, Global.
Mark and Becky Atkins

Our Locations

Below is a list of the cities we currently have offices in, but our team is available anywhere across the country to assist you with whatever installation services you need!

2320 Gravel Road, Building 31
Fort Worth, Texas 76118
Phone: (682) 626-5591

License Number TDLRE85076

5321 Industrial Oaks Blvd Suite 105
Austin, TX 78735
Phone: (512) 827-2249

License Numbers TACL10083C & TDLRE85076

21925 Franz Rd. #605
Katy, TX 77449
Phone: (888) 826-7881

License Numbers TACL10083C & TDLRE85076

11927 Starcrest Drive
San Antonio, TX 78247
Phone: (210) 202-0053

License Numbers TACL10083C & TDLRE85076

20311 Hermana
Lake Forest, CA. 92630

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