If you are looking for easy fixes to save money around your house, consider finding a company that can do a home project quote in Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston. An assessment will identify areas of your home that are wasting energy like leaky ductwork or drafty windows. However, to see the benefits of the assessment on your bottom line, there will be some changes you will have to make, and we at Global Efficient Energy can help.

project quotes save you money

Most Common Offenders

Some of the most common energy thieves are your air ducts and your insulation. When you are running your heating and cooling system air can slip out of leaks in the ducts and through your roof, which is almost literally throwing money out the window. In fact, reducing drafts can save up to 30 percent of a home’s energy according to the U.S. Energy Department.

There are some fixes you or a professional can do following your home project quote:

  • Plug and caulk holes in your mortar, foundation and siding as well as leaks coming from windows and doors
  • Examine your ventilation and clean your ducts
  • Consider radiant barrier installation, which saves money by reflecting heat from your home
  • Insulate and weather strip the door to your attic

EnergyStar appliances, solar panels and LED lighting are several other ways you can improve your home to save money in the long run. At Global Efficient Energy we specialize in making homes energy efficient, which can save homeowners hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Call us at (888) 826-7881 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.