It might not be hard to believe that newly built houses are more energy efficient than older houses and earn more energy tax credits. What’s even more interesting is the energy usage decrease per home since 1970 (see infographic below), but what if your home isn’t new or energy efficient and you’re not planning on buying or building a new home anytime soon? That’s where Global Efficient Energy enters with an project quote. We can help you and your home become more energy efficient and save money as well.

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Please include attribution to Global Efficient Energy with this graphic.An Energy Efficient House: How Favorable Is It?

There are many ways that Global Efficient Energy can help with an project quote to make your home more energy efficient, to name a few: window replacement, home attic insulation, and HVAC service. To find out more from an project quote expert Contact us at your earliest convenience  at 888-826-7881.