Attic InsulationOne of the best defenses your home has against the elements is proper attic insulation. Having the right amount, or making sure what’s there is in good shape, will help lower your heating and cooling bills and make you much more comfortable. The Fort Worth professionals with Global Efficient Energy want you to be informed so you can take action if your insulation is not as effective as it needs to be.

Your Heating and Cooling Bills are Too High

If it seems like your energy bills are too high each month talk to any neighbors who have homes that are similar in size and shape to yours and see how much they’re paying. If there is a significant discrepancy that’s a sure sign there is something wrong with your attic insulation. However, before you come to that conclusion, make sure they have a similar type of furnace and they typically keep their inside temperature at about the same level as yours.

Your Insulation is Damaged

Go into your attic and perform your own visual inspection. If you see areas of attic insulation that are too narrow or compressed, have obvious gaps, or you see areas that are wet, then you’ll need to get the problem fixed as soon as you can. At Global Efficient Energy our technicians have a great deal of experience in proper insulation, so we can make sure  your home is not only as comfortable as possible, but also that you’re saving as much money as possible. Contact us by calling 888-826-7881 to learn more. We’d also like to hear from you if you have any stories about how insulation has reduced your energy bills. Click on one of the social media icons on this page to share your experience.