Going GreenWhen you make the decision to improve the energy efficiency of your home you’re not only benefitting the environment, you may also be able to reap some financial benefits as well. Going green can help you take advantage of substantial energy tax credits in several ways. Global Efficient Energy can help you find ways to not just help the earth, but help boost your bank account as well.

Reaping the Rewards

There are several local, state and federal government programs that can help you take advantage of substantial savings. Not only will you save on  your monthly bills but also your taxes. Here are just a few of the simple improvements you can make around your home which can bring big rewards when you make the commitment to going green.

  • Insulation: One of the best ways to ensure you have an energy-efficient home is by having the proper amount of insulation installed. Insulation helps your home transfer heat and energy without wasting it.
  • Home Project Quote: A home project quote will identify areas where you are wasting energy so you can take the steps needed to rectify them.
  • Solar Power: We usually don’t have any shortage of sunshine in Texas, and solar power is an efficient renewable source of energy. You may be able to take advantage of substantial tax credits by tapping the power of the sun to run your home’s appliances and electronics.
  • Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems: Your HVAC equipment (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) uses the most energy in your home of any appliance by far. In order to make sure money isn’t literally flying out your windows replace your old systems with efficient models. You may have a chance of getting big tax breaks as well significant rebates.

The Bottom Line

Going green doesn’t mean you have to make huge sacrifices in your lifestyle. By making just a few simple improvements to your home, you can enjoy big rewards while helping make the environment cleaner as well. Contact us at Global Efficient Energy  or call 1-888-826-7881 and our Dallas energy efficiency experts will be happy to share even more information on this subject. Let us know what you’re doing to go green by sharing your thoughts below.