If you’ve been wanting to increase your home’s energy efficiency and start earning tax credits, but have lacked the funding to get the ball rolling wait no more. The professionals with Global Efficient Energy would like to make you aware that the government has created a financial solution called HERO or Home Energy Renovation Opportunity. It is basically home improvement financing.This program is 100% voluntary, keeps payment obligations with the upgraded property, and helps you and the city. On top of saving you money by making your home more energy efficient, HERO will also make you money by increasing your property value. See infographic below for eligibility requirements.

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Infographic: Need An Energy Efficient Home? Get Funded By HERO

 Need More Information on HERO Energy Efficency funding?

If you need HERO to help you save money in energy efficiency and even make you money by increasing your property value, then contact us at Global Efficient Energy  for more information by calling 888-826-7881 to schedule you project quote today.