Air SealingNo matter what age your home may be, there is a very good chance  there are areas where air is escaping. These could be cracks around your doors or windows or areas of your ductwork that need to be fixed. At Global Efficient Energy our Dallas technicians can come to your home, perform a thorough analysis of your ductwork, and provide air sealing services which will keep air in your home and money in your bank account.

Why You Need Air Sealing

If you don’t have your ducts sealed properly your home’s heating and cooling systems will be much less efficient. Along with a lack of efficiency comes increased wear and tear and energy bills which are higher than they need to be. With professional air sealing service however, you’ll not only be more comfortable your utility costs will be lower as well. Here are some of the signs your ducts need to be repaired:

  • You always seem to need to adjust your thermostat
  • Your energy bills spike suddenly
  • The air pressure in your home is weak
  • You hear whistling sounds from your ducts

How We Fix the Problem

One of the most common reasons air sealing services are needed is the fact that ducts were installed improperly in the first place. It may be because the installer used inferior materials or just didn’t have the experience needed to get the job done correctly. Weather is also another common culprit; as temperatures change, duct seals expand and contract. At Global Efficient Energy we will send a technician to your home and use advanced equipment to to find areas such as gaps and cracks where air may be leaking. Then we’ll thoroughly explain all of your repair options and come up with the solution that works best for you.

Call us today at 888-826-7881 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for air sealing services. We’ll make sure your ducts work reliably for years to come. Do you have some duct sealing tips you’d like to share? Click on one of the social media icons on this page.