Blower Door TestA blower door what? Yes, a blower door test. You may think the name is odd, but it can be an excellent way of helping you save big money on your energy bills. At Global Efficient Energy we routinely perform these tests as part of our home project quote services.

How it Works

A blower door test normally takes about an hour. We mount a strong fan in an exterior door frame which lowers the air pressure inside your home by pulling out air. The outside air pressure, which is higher, comes into your home through any cracks or openings. Our Fort Worth technician will then use equipment to determine the rate at which air is infiltrating your home.

The Benefits

There are many reasons why you would consider having a blower door test performed in your home. Here are some of the biggest ones:

  • It eliminates drafts that take place when cold air gets into your home
  • It increases energy efficiency by reducing air leakage
  • It reduces potentially damaging problems which take place due to the condensation of moisture
  • It helps you improve the quality of your indoor air by helping you decide how much ventilation you need

When you call Global Efficient Energy to schedule a blower door test our technician will walk through your home with you so you can identify the areas that are normally drafty. Then, he will inspect your home thoroughly to check areas you don’t normally visit such as your crawlspace, attic and several others. Contact us online or call us at 1-888-826-7881 if you would like to schedule a blower door test and see how much energy you can save each month. Have you ever had this test performed? Let us know how your experience went by commenting below.