When most people think about solar power, they naturally associate the term with a means of generating electricity without having to rely on the local utility grid. However, solar innovations go far beyond that of residential and commercial use. As the technology advances, new applications are being discovered at a dizzying pace. Global Efficient Energy salutes some of the forward thinking that is creating uses for solar that weren’t even conceivable just a few years ago.

Solar Street Benches

In Boston, solar power is being used to make city benches more than just a place to wait for a bus. The city’s Complete Streets Initiative includes benches that have solar panels installed. People can use the benches to recharge their cell phones while they rest. Only two benches have been outfitted so far, but even the most far-reaching initiatives have to start someplace.

A Different Way to Get to Work

Organic Transit is harnessing solar power to propel its ELF, a three-wheel machine that is part automobile and part bicycle. You can either push this egg-shaped vehicle the old-fashioned way and get a workout by using only leg power, or you can let the solar-powered engine get you to your destination with minimal effort. It’s pricey at $5,000, but it’s an interesting development in using solar to get around town.

Potential Drought Relief

A recent article in The Guardian reports on the effort toward using solar power to help ease the effects of drought in California. The state has chronic shortages of water, not only for its residents but for its farmland as well. One of the issues, according to the article, is that much of the available water can’t be used because it is briny. However, solar-powered desalination systems could go a long way toward solving the problem.

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