Solar Power InvertersIf you have researched  solar energy you no doubt have run across the term “solar power inverters.” A solar power inverter is a key component of any solar power system. It is the “magic box” which converts electricity generated by the solar panels to usable power. If you’re considering solar power the experts with Global Efficient Energy want you to be as well informed as possible about your entire system including the solar power inverters.

Creating AC Power

The difference between DC and AC power is as follows: DC electricity flows in one direction while AC power moves forward and backward along a wire. The electricity which comes from your panels is DC (direct current) however in the United States, home wiring runs on AC (alternating current). The solar power inverter takes the DC current created in the panels and changes it to AC electricity to power your computer, television and all electirc equipment.

U.S. electrical networks were set up to use AC because it can easily travel long distances. light bulbs and a few other products can run on AC or DC, but what is odd is that many types of laptops, TVs, phones and other common products actually have to convert AC power into DC in order to work. That’s what those black “bricks” you see on power cords are there for.

How Efficient Are They

Solar power inverters are usually about 95 percent efficient, meaning they only lose 5 percent of their power when converting DC power to AC. When AC is converted back to DC in your electronics the power loss is anywhere from 10 to 40 percent. This happens whether you are using the electrical grid or you go to a solar power system. If that aforementioned “brick” on your power cord gets hot it isn’t doing an efficient job of converting AC to DC.

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