Solar Power SystemsAt Global Efficient Energy we field a lot of questions from people who are thinking of taking the plunge and investing in solar power systems. We want you to be as comfortable and well informed as possible regarding this very important decision, so we want to share some of the more common questions we receive. We hope these answers will help if you’re considering the installation of a system in your home.

How Do Solar Power Systems Work?

The most common type of solar power system uses photovoltaic or PV panels. They are comprised of silicon-based materials which convert sunlight into direct current or DC electricity. Then, that electricity goes into a device called an inverter which converts the DC power into the AC power your home uses.

How Do They Help the Environment?

Solar power systems create electricity without creating pollution as a byproduct. Conventional power plants use materials that harm the environment. For every megawatt-hour of electricity a solar PV panel generates; 1,300 pounds of carbon dioxide and nearly two pounds of nitrogen oxide do not get into the air we breathe.

Do I Have to Worry About Not Getting Enough Sunlight for My System to Work?

Just about every home in the United States gets enough sunlight for solar power systems to work. In fact, the United States receives more solar radiation than Germany, and that is the largest solar market in the world. As long as your system is properly installed by a professional you won’t have to worry about not having a consistent and ample supply of power.

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