Energy Efficient BuildingsA lot of businesses in Dallas are embracing the benefits of energy efficiency, and the city has received some notoriety from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a result. The Dallas Morning News reported on April 10 that the EPA has ranked Dallas seventh in the country in the number of energy efficient buildings. Dallas is the highest-ranked Texas city on the list, with Houston coming in at No. 10.

Worth the Effort

The EPA’s list commends cities that have a large number of Energy Star-certified buildings, and Dallas has 229. These energy efficient buildings, according to the Morning News article, comprise about 60.1 million square feet. While most of these are commercial buildings, some government buildings, schools and hotels are included as well. The article states that, according to the EPA, Energy Star-compliant buildings in Dallas saved enough energy to save $43.9 million in energy costs and power 42,600 homes. Los Angeles was first on the list with 443 buildings.

The EPA established the Energy Star program in 1992. It is a voluntary program designed to show businesses and individuals how to save money and help save the environment through increased energy efficiency.

We Can Help

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