replacement windowsOne thing that just about everyone is interested in is increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. After all, the more efficient your home, the less energy you’ll be wasting – and that translates to lower bills each month. You may be considering replacement windows but you’re not sure whether or not the time has truly arrived to switch out your old ones. Here are some signs that will let you know when you’ll be better off getting new windows rather than continuing to stick with the ones you have.

Questions to Ask Yourself

First, ask yourself whether your current windows are energy efficient. If you find it difficult to keep your entire home comfortable or you feel drafts around the casings, then you should consider replacement windows. This is especially true if you can hear air coming through the frame on a windy day. If you get energy-efficient windows, they will not just help block sunlight and regulate temperature, they’ll help keep your heating and cooling systems from having to work too hard. As a result, your energy bill will be lowered. There’s also a chance that your new windows could qualify for a Federal Tax Credit and leave even more money in your bank account.

Next, ask yourself how much maintenance your current windows require. If you have to spend a lot of time removing old paint or having to force your windows open or closed, you should definitely think about getting replacement windows.

Here are other signs that the time has come for replacement windows:

  • You’re planning a home addition or remodeling project.
  • You want more natural light.
  • Frost or ice form on the windows during cold weather.
  • The frames are rotting.
  • Your windows fog between the panes on a regular basis.

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