Solar Power SystemOne of the most common questions we receive when someone is interested in having a solar power system installed is, “What happens on cloudy days and at night?” They’re concerned that if they have a system put into their home they’ll run out of power if the sun disappears for extended periods of time. We tell them that as long as they have a qualified contractor install their system, they’ll have an ample supply of power for several years.

Why are We So Confident?

A solar photovoltaic, or PV, system still generates electricity when the sky is cloudy. It also continues to work during the winter months, when the amount of sunlight is typically reduced. PV systems often generate more power than users require, even on cloudy days. If you participate in a net metering program with your local utility you can sell that excess power to the utility and have your account credited. As a result, you’ll have free electricity when you need it.

Of course, since the amount of electricity a solar power system will generate depends on direct sunlight, on cloudy days it will produce slightly less energy. But since most systems are interconnected with the grid, you will be able to draw on the utility’s power whenever you need to do so. You won’t have to worry about any interruption in power because the switch occurs seamlessly – more than likely, you won’t even know when it occurs.

The German Example

Almost every home in the United States receives enough sunlight to be able to use a solar power system. In fact, the largest solar market in the world is Germany, and that country actually gets substantially less sunlight than many parts of the U.S. Seattle even gets more annual hours of sunlight than Germany. If Germany can produce that much solar energy with far less sun, there’s no reason to worry about not having enough electricity to power your home during extended periods of cloudy weather.

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