The most recent U.N. climate report cited teamwork as the most powerful tool for getting the Earth’s climate change under control. There has been significant push back from various leading nations (the US included) since scientists began using words like “global warming” to describe the manmade shifts in the earth’s ecosystems. The reason countries like the US maintain their overall “business as usual” attitude when it comes to the environment, is due to the possible negative effects it could have on global economic growth. Although one could wonder what good economic growth would do if our planet becomes uninhabitable?

The message was straight forward: we all share the planet so we should act like it. The transition from fossil fuels to alternative clean energy sources will be made much more effective by individuals working together toward a common goal instead of pursuing their own interests.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was compiled by scientists and political representatives from nearly 200 countries and is the first comprehensive summary of how we can stop climate change before it becomes irreversible. The good news is that at this point we can reverse the effects of climate change, the better news is that it won’t come at the cost of economic growth or rely on expensive scientific breakthroughs in the future. We can turn things around with our current technological advances as long as we begin to completely phase out fossil fuels within the next 15 years, which is a relief. Now let’s see if everyone is on board to save our planet and switch to renewable clean energy.

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