On November, 5th Global Efficient Energy CEO Abe Issa spoke to the young entrepreneurs class at the Neeley Entrepreneurship center. He was asked to give advice and inspiration at a time when students are in preparation for the Values and Ventures Business Plan competition. Issa graduated from Texas Christian University in 2005, and this marked his second speaking engagement at the Neeley School of Business.

Abe spoke about what it was like to own his own business, the mistakes he made along the way and what he learned from them all while he encouraged students to pursue business innovations within the growing renewable and green energy sector. Issa highlighted the growth of the renewable energy market and the impact of solar with the hopes that those present would continue down that same path, “I believe being active in the academic community is important because it makes me a beacon for renewable energy and green industries. The students see that it’s possible for them to do what I did and that’s priceless.”