Abe Issa to be Interviewed on Shreveport 107.1 OPEN LINE

March 24th, 2015|

Global Efficient Energy’s own Abe Issa will be interviewed by morning radio personality Tedd Dumas on OPEN LINE KWLA-FM Shreveport 107.1, Friday morning at 7:30 am! Tune into KZBL-Natchitoches, KWLV-Many, KVCL-Winnfield, KBDV-Leesville and KTHP-Hemphill to catch the interview. Or you can tune in online at the KWLA website or by downloading the KWLA app.

Abe will be discussing […]

Eiffel Tower Gets an Energy Efficient Makeover

March 24th, 2015|

The city of lights modernized their iconic stature this month as part of the Paris climate protection plan, in which all of Paris will become energy efficient. The mayor of Paris announced “our City has chosen to become fully committed to combating climate change, a fully-fledged, global challenge that is putting our future and that […]

What Everyone Should Know About U.S. Gas Prices

March 19th, 2015|

U.S. Oil prices have dropped to the lowest they have been since early 2009. High oil prices have affected more than just the commuter’s gas guzzling car, the high price of oil also affects airfare, heating and electric bills.

The cost of jet fuel has decreased 43 percent on average worldwide from the price just a year […]

Jellyfish Numbers Increase as the Oceans are Overfished and Polluted

March 18th, 2015|

The protection of ecologically important species is always a hot topic, people wonder how anyone can harm baby polar bears, tigers and elephants when they are “protected.” The answer is usually points to the corruption of individuals within the organizations set up to ensure the survival of a species or ecosystem. One such ecosystem is […]

ELF: The Car/Bike Hybrid

March 12th, 2015|

No it’s not one of Santa’s little helpers, but the ELF may just help you reduce your carbon emissions and the amount of money you spend on things like gas and insurance, which may just be the greatest gift of all! The ELF is a backward tricycle that can be pedaled or can run on […]

Big Coal Bailout? Guess Who’s Paying for it?

March 12th, 2015|

As Coal and Oil become less competitive sources of energy it comes as no surprise that Big Coal is trying to prolong its survival by forcing Ohio utility consumers to subsidize aging coal plants with their own money. Utility companies American Electric Power (AEP), Duke Energy and FirstEnergy have proposed to raise electric rates to […]

USDA Offering Farmers Aid to Install Clean Energy

March 6th, 2015|

The USDA announced that they will begin offering resources that would allow rural farmers and small business owners to buy and install renewable energy systems. This is an “enormous economic opportunity for rural America” according to Tom Vilsack, the Agricultural Secretary for the USDA. In fact they are making more than $280 million available for […]

Deepwater Wind Announces US Offshore Wind Project

March 6th, 2015|

It was announced Monday that the Deepwater Wind Block Island Wind Farm has been fully financed and is set for development off the coast of Rhode Island. The project is set to be up and running by the end of 2016 and will be the first off shore wind farm in United States. One of […]