No it’s not one of Santa’s little helpers, but the ELF may just help you reduce your carbon emissions and the amount of money you spend on things like gas and insurance, which may just be the greatest gift of all! The ELF is a backward tricycle that can be pedaled or can run on electric power. A standard battery can go around 14 miles without pedaling or being recharged, while an upgraded battery can go 40 miles. One of it’s coolest features is that its has a solar charging option, its rooftop solar panel can fully charge in 14 hours or it can charge in 1 ½ by plugging in.

The Elf can travel on bike paths, bike lanes, sidewalks, and can go up to 20 mph on electric power and up to 30 when combined with pedaling. The ELF weighs 150lbs and can carry up to 350lbs; it has optional passenger seating and all kinds of available upgrades (side view mirrors, doors, cargo shelves, etc.) that can really make it feel like a car.

Although it is not made for highway use or long trips the ELF was specifically created for local commuters, college campus residents, errand runners, and grocery shoppers. The US Department of Transportation reported that half of all domestic trips are less than three miles yet 72 percent of these trips are taken by car. The reasoning behind this being that most people fear getting hit by a car or getting all sweaty on the way to wherever they are going. Regular ELF use will not only cut as much as 6 tons in CO2 emissions per year, but it will also burn calories!