See How Abe Issa is Changing Entrepreneurship at TCU

April 30th, 2015|

Mr. Issa is changing the world by educating customers about clean energy and environmental conservation with his company Global Efficient Energy. But now he’s tackling education at the source by converting 500,000 of his own dollars into the new “Issa Lab” within the Neeley Sales and Consumer Insights Center at TCU.

Mr. Issa has been inspiring […]

China Stepping Up with New Renweable Plan

April 30th, 2015|

China is the world’s largest developing country, polluter and green house gas emmiter but according to a new study the country is envisioning a new grid that is powered by 57% renewables in 2030 and 86% by 2050.
The China 2050 High Renewable Energy Penetration Scenario and Roadmap Study set out to analyze the technical and […]

LEDs Lighting the Way for the Agricultural Industry of the Future

April 22nd, 2015|

Cutting emissions is a constant struggle for the planet, especially when the food we rely on must be transported miles from where we find it neat and tidy in the grocery store. The emissions caused by the transportation of agricultural goods is what made the indoor farming company Green Sense Farms (GSF) and Philips the […]

The Story of Earth Day

April 22nd, 2015|

Earth Day is the anniversary of the modern environmental movement that began in the 1970s. Before ecological awareness the American people were ignorant of the consequences that came from pollution “industry belched out smoke and sludge with little fear or bad press. Air pollution was commonly accepted as the smell of prosperity”. In mainstream America […]

Portable Restrooms Creating Electricity?

April 17th, 2015|

People tend to get squeamish about human waste, but what if it could create power? That’s just what the new project by the University of West England in Bristol and Oxfam is developing, a urinal that creates power from urine.  The goal of this pee powered toilet is to provide aid and light to refugee […]

Abe Issa’s 3 Steps to Sales Success

April 15th, 2015|

One of the largest conferences for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs went on last weekend at INC’s yearly GrowCo event in Nashville. Amidst all the craziness Abe Issa, the founder and CEO of Global Effcient Energy had the opportunity to be interviewed by INC radio’s Alan Taylor about his sales success secret.

Abe attributes his $60 million company […]

Abe Issa, Jessica Alba, & Daymond John to Speak at GrowCo, Nashville

April 6th, 2015|

The slogan is “Grow Smarter” and naturally our CEO knows all about how to grow a successful company. Global Efficient Energy’s founder Abe Issa is set to speak at this year’s GrowCo event in Nashville, Tennessee. He will be featured along with Founder of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba; Shark Tank’s Daymond John; and Marcus […]