One of the largest conferences for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs went on last weekend at INC’s yearly GrowCo event in Nashville. Amidst all the craziness Abe Issa, the founder and CEO of Global Effcient Energy had the opportunity to be interviewed by INC radio’s Alan Taylor about his sales success secret.

Abe attributes his $60 million company to his sales “secret sauce.” He shared three main points about his process that could be useful to any aspiring entrepreneur or business owner. Here are the 3 main take away points from his interview on how to build a great sales team and an even greater company:

  1. Formulaic Recruiting: “you’ve gotta have a formula. Role playing, ask behavioral questions we look for bad habits and look for good habits when we’re recruiting. You’ve got to recruit the right people for your business for your industry.”
  2. Training: Putting recruits through a special sales training academy. GEE puts their sales hopefuls through a 30-40 day boot camp that teaches them everything they need to know about their industry as well as the most important tricks of the sales trade.
  3. Sales Leadership and Motivation: Abe cites sales leaders as the dominating factor in GEE’s sales team success. For him “sales captains can’t just be managers they have to be coaches.” Keeping the sales team motivated and excited for what they do ultimately creates an environment where they know they can’t slack.

Want to soak up more of Abe’s awesomeness? You can listen to his interview here:

Abe Issa has also recently made a $500,000 donation to Texas Christian University’s Neeley School of Business. The building is set to break ground next year and will be dedicated to helping students in sales research, service and customer decision making.