China is the world’s largest developing country, polluter and green house gas emmiter but according to a new study the country is envisioning a new grid that is powered by 57% renewables in 2030 and 86% by 2050.

The China 2050 High Renewable Energy Penetration Scenario and Roadmap Study set out to analyze the technical and economic feasibility of having high renewable energy penetration by 2050 based on economic, environment, and carbon emission constraints, and backcast the policies and programs needed at different points in time to make this a reality.The main goals of the study were to build a common vision among China’s key stakeholders for an energy system centered on renewables, and to design a strong model for a national energy strategy that could guide China’s future energy planning and policy development.

This could actually take a huge chunk out of China’s heavy air pollution caused by coal burning. Researchers have discovered the dense air pollution it creates actually cuts the lives of Northern Chinese by 5.5 years. In some regions such as Harbin of the Heilongjian providence, there have been particulate matter (PM2.5) readings of 1000; a level above 3000 is considered hazardous. It is still unclear to what extent China’s Pollution has effected the lives of all Chinese as a whole.

If China continues on this path it will literally change the world and make it a healthier place for its own citizens as well as the citizens of the world.