Mr. Issa is changing the world by educating customers about clean energy and environmental conservation with his company Global Efficient Energy. But now he’s tackling education at the source by converting 500,000 of his own dollars into the new “Issa Lab” within the Neeley Sales and Consumer Insights Center at TCU.

Mr. Issa has been inspiring and teaching the next generation of business leaders at Neeley School of Business through his campus involvement and speaking engagements. In the past he has lectured about the skills necessary to build, maintain, and adopt smart business practices in a way that will fuel revenue and give back to the community at large.

The “Issa Lab” is also a piece of a much larger puzzle aimed at TCU student success and enrichment. Mr. Issa’s project is a part of the larger Spencer and Marlene Hays Business Commons expansion project, which totals 100 million dollars. The Abe Issa Field Sales Lab will target student development in the areas that Mr. Issa believes are most responsible for his tremendous success—sales and marketing. The construction of the Consumer Insights center will be the culmination of Mr. Issa’s vision for a more comprehensive, experiential consumer insights learning environment. The center will host a smart-learning lab with flexible spaces for product development, merchandising activities and displays. The classroom will contain writable surfaces and the latest visualization technology to foster the innovative simulation of consumer behaviors.

The Abe Issa Field Sales Lab will be a place where the brightest students will come to get the hands on sales and marketing training that will transform them into the leaders of tomorrow. The “Issa Lab” will offer a program unlike any other, where students and faculty will actively combine the theories learned in books with the practice of real life situations.