The summer months are upon us, which means that bugs, creepy crawlers and all sorts of pests are out to make your home their home. Here are 4 things you can do right now to reduce the number of unwanted guests this summer (not including your in-laws).

Maintain the Perimeter
Much like a military base or a feudal castle, you should attempt to have a clear space around your walls. It is recommended that you keep bushes, mulch, gardens etc. at least 2-4 feet from your home’s walls. This increased distance between bugs’ possible habitats and your home ensures less frantic spider killing for your future.

Clear Clutter
This may sound like your mother speaking but clean your room…well, attic and storage space at least. If the pests have already entered your home, you want to keep unoccupied or rarely occupied spaces clean and organized. Nothing makes bugs happier than piles of cardboard and randomly shaped objects that resemble their natural habitats. By removing the temptation, they will be less likely to set up shop and birth offspring.

Remove Standing Water
This one applies to both outside and inside your home. Much like early humans settled near water, so do bugs, from ants to spiders. That leaky faucet is not only wasting water, but it’s also becoming a veritable promised land for your unwanted pests. In addition, depending on where you live, standing water outside becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos and bacteria. By removing the water, you remove their ability to survive in that area, forcing them to move along.

Bring in Pet Food
Fido might be great at making you feel safe from burglars, but when his food is left outside unattended, the insects move in. By bringing in your pet food from the back patio, you are helping maintain your perimeter by removing the temptation of food from all the insects looking for a free lunch. If left unattended, ants and their ilk move in and can even catch a ride inside your home on Fido.

If you work on these 4 things, you are ensured to have fewer issues with bugs in your home this summer!