Google is one of those companies that does amazing things that nobody really seems to talk about. The general populace is prone to equate Google only with the search engine and maybe the failed Google Glasses. Right now however, they are working on a humanitarian venture that may lead to a revolutionary approach to internet in disaster areas and perhaps even globally reinvent the internet.

In 2014 Google acquired Titan Aerospace, a company that was developing and manufacturing ultralight weight, solar powered drones. Pictured above, you can see all of the solar panels that adorn nearly every inch of this unmanned drone.

The drones themselves are able to hover in the stratosphere without needing to come down. It is speculated that they could be up in the air, uninhibited for upwards of several months. From their hovering vantage, they will be able to beam down internet to specific areas similar to the way satellite TV companies do from geostationary satellites.

Google says that their goal is to initially use them for disaster relief areas to ensure lines of communication. The end goal is to partner with internet providers and create overlap to help bring the internet to the four billion people that currently do not have access to reliable internet. Google will begin test flights before the end of this year.

This all may be a moot point if Elon Musk’s newest space based internet venture is successful. Either way, we are just hoping that this internet in the sky doesn’t become self-aware because we all know what happens when SkyNet becomes self-aware…