Everywhere you look you find that businesses are diversifying their product lines both horizontally and vertically in an effort to keep up with market trends. It ties back into the old mantra “evolve or die” and can be seen in such things as the fall of Blockbuster Videos.

Recently the video game retailer GameStop has been struggling compared to where they were a handful of years ago. This can be attributed to the fact that video games can now be delivered digitally to either a computer or a gaming system. By eliminating the need for the actual tactile disks, video game companies have reduced the need for brick and mortar shops. The fall of the brick and mortar is a constant discuss in our modern times.

Recently GameStop acquired another geeky business in an effort to diversify their offerings. The company they purchased for a cool $140 million is ThinkGeek, which specializes in geeky/nerdy clothes, memorabilia, toys, etc.

GameStop outbid Hot Topic that was also interested in acquiring ThinkGeek. GameStop hopes that by embracing the geek/gamer culture they will be able to recapture a different facet of the marketplace and continue to grow and thrive in The Age of The Geek.

What do you think? Is this going to help GameStop or will digital downloads truly be their downfall?