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The United States government is taking huge steps towards embracing and fostering green, renewable energy.

At the White House Clean Energy Investment Summit last week Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden remarked “I wouldn’t go long on investments that lead to carbon pollution. I’d bet on clean energy.” This remark was made to a large group of investors in clean energy along with many scientists and engineers in attendance.

During the summit it was recognized that all around the world the damaging nature of carbon pollution, not only on the environment but also on population’s health is becoming more apparent.

This is both due to the direct effect of increasing cancers and other diseases but also erratic and devastating weather. Whether it is a heatwave, a drought or flash flooding, the increasingly erratic weather is proving to be a challenge both logistically and monetarily.

The administration also revealed executive actions that will facilitate private sector investments in solar, wind and fuel cell technologies. Also included is a new guidance allowing charitable foundations to invest in companies that have a core mission of developing clean energy.

Initially, The White House had hoped to garner $2 billion in support; however they vastly exceeded this, coming in at $4 billion. What makes this even more incredible is that this $4 billion is in addition to $7.6 billion that is currently on the books for President Obama’s 2016 budget proposal.

Going green is clearly the way to be!

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