Going solar is about to get even easier for Texas residents.

In 2011, lawmakers took an initial step in solar energy legislation by passing a law that prevented homeowner associations from banning solar panel installations. While this law created solar opportunities for many Texas residents, it still allowed homeowner associations to restrict solar installations in residential developments that were under 30% completed. This new law, effective September 1, 2015, addresses concerns related to those restrictions.

The new law, signed by Gov. Greg Abbott, states that developers and homeowner associations will no longer be able to restrict or ban solar panel installations in new residential projects after 50 homes have been completed, even as construction continues. This will bring solar energy to new construction homes faster and easier than ever before.

“This new legislation will allow even more homeowners with new construction homes to reap the benefits of solar energy for a longer period of time,” said Abe Issa, Founder and CEO of Global Efficient Energy. “It is another step in the right direction for current and future homeowners across the state of Texas.”

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