At Global Efficient Energy we might sell clean energy solutions but that is not our main goal at heart. At the core, we were founded on the principal of making the world a better place.

Our founder and CEO, Abe Issa has always made it a point that everything this company does is for the betterment of others and the world. Abe is also one to put his money where his mouth is, most recently when he donated half a million dollars to TCU’s School of Business.

This mindset is fantastic on a large scale but is even better when something great happens on a small scale, specifically for an individual. Last week, Abe received a wonderful email from another local Texan that has been inspired by him.

Frank Duran reached out to Abe last week and then agreed to let us share a bit of his story because everyone in the office thought it was so cool.

A few years ago while browsing the TCU website, which is his dream school, Frank found an article that had been written about Abe. In the article Abe’s success story about coming up from a poor background and starting Global Efficient Energy with $1,000 were highlighted as well as all of Abe’s hard work in college. Frank related to this and has since made positive changes in his life. He has taken control of his life, received the grades that he desired and is hoping to transfer to TCU this year. He emailed Abe to thank him for that. Abe was thrilled that he was able to inspire another local boy to make good with his actions.

We wish Frank the best with all his endeavors and are proud that our CEO not only has a positive impact in the broad scope of things but also on an individual lives.