Initially, this was going to be a post about the top tips on how to do Texas style BBQ but for fear of getting any aspect wrong and receiving a flurry of emails, let’s stick to 3 pro tips on BBQing this summer.

Choose the Right Fuel
There is always the debate over charcoal vs. propane and what is better. There is no stance being taken here… *cough cough charcoal is better.*

When choosing the right charcoal, you want to select one that is additive free. This not only ensures that you are putting less harsh chemicals into your body but also that the flavor of whatever you are grilling is preserved. In that same vein, make sure you avoid lighter fluid or match start charcoal as this is known to give food a gasoline taste.

Get It up to Temperature
One of the biggest issues most backyard BBQers have is not getting their grill up to the proper temperature. Whether you are looking to do a quick sear on a steak or a “low and slow,” make sure that you research what the optimal temperature is for your grill. This will ensure that your food comes out tasty and not over/under cooked.

Clean Your Grill
This one applies to both before your food goes on the grill as well as after. Prior to putting food on the grill and once it is hot, make sure you use a wire brush to give it a good scrub. This will help your food not stick to the grill as well as ensure that there are no flavor contaminants that get picked up. Once you remove your meats from the grill, give it another scrubbing so that it is cleaner for next time. This also gives your meats time to rest because nobody wants a dry piece of steak or chicken!

What are your grill plans for the summer?