The kids are out of school and the temperature is rising. Summer is officially here! Long days spent trying to beat the heat can lead to scorching energy bills so here are 10 tips to help you save energy and money!

  1. Use a programmable thermostat –  Programming your thermostat to set itself at a warmer temperature or off when you’re sleeping or at work will save up to 10% on your energy costs.
  2. Close blinds to keep sunlight out of your home – This keeps your home cooler and makes it easier to cool to your optimal temperature.
  3. Cook outside –  Gas grills use less energy than your stove and it doesn’t heat up your house.
  4. Before leaving for summer vacation, turn up your thermostat – For every degree you set it above 72 degrees, you will save 1-3% in energy (depending on where you live).
  5. Keep your refrigerator fully stocked – This lessens the refrigerator’s need to cool by having less empty air.
  6. Spend more time outside of your home – Cool off by the pool instead of staying inside all day, this lets you turn up your thermostat during the hottest time.
  7. Use portable or ceiling fans and run ceiling fans counterclockwise – Combining fan usage with air conditioning, you can save 4% – 8% of your cooling costs.
  8. Use cold water to wash your clothes – Could save you up to $60 in energy costs per month.
  9. Air-dry your clothes –  Not only is it free, but you don’t heat up your home.
  10. Use the bathroom fan when showering – This will remove the heat and humidity from your home making it easier to cool.
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