There is a good chance that soon you will be able to verify your identity for online purchases by taking a selfie.

Society in recent years has moved towards sharing everything on the internet. From foods and location to that new dog that you think is so cute, everyone seems to be sharing everything. At the same time, people recognize the need for increasing protection from theft, especially in the digital realm.

MasterCard is about to begin a trial that they hope will not only make online purchases safer, but also a little bit more fun: Selfies.

The trial will begin with a very small group of around 500 testers. The entire process will be tied to an app that in order to verify purchases online will require that the person take a selfie as well as take a finger scan. The app will check for blinking in order to insure it is not just a picture of a photo.

Through the use of this app, MasterCard hopes that security of purchases will increase. At the same time they hope that this will eliminate the need for passwords and the logistical strain of remembering them and retrieving them when you forget them.

Trials begin this fall with the hope of a broad release early next year if it is successful. The question is; will this make people comb their hair before they make a purchase online?