Here at Global Efficient Energy we don’t take any sort of political stance, especially when it comes to presidential races that turn your Facebook feed into a nightmare of political articles. We like to emulate Switzerland when it comes to politics, maintaining a neutral stance.

In the pursuit of unbiased news that relates to green energy, Hilary Clinton made an extremely large announcement over the weekend focusing on renewable energy, and more specifically, solar energy.

On Sunday this presidential hopeful released a video on her campaign website entitled Stand for Reality in which she makes a lot of renewable energy promises, if elected. One of the most noteworthy is the promise to have over half a billion solar panels installed across the United States by 2020.

The campaigns stance puts a huge emphasis on residential power usage and the infrastructure of the grid. By moving towards a sustainable grid and increasing the output of solar energy by 700%, the anticipation is to have enough renewable energy to power every residence in the United States by the year 2027.

Between grants and government incentives do you think that this could indeed be possible?