There are few greater things in this world than the smell of freshly fried bacon.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the consumption of bacon and bacon flavored products. Epic Meal Time has even created an entire Youtube and clothing empire off of the smoky sweet goodness that is bacon. Such is the pity of vegetarians everywhere that they are deprived such glorious flavor.

Until now!

Last week research scientists at Oregon State University patented a newly developed alga that reported tastes of bacon once it has been cooked. The new strain is an evolution of the sea weed dulse that is found growing naturally along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

This new strain is an almost see through red that packs twice the nutritional value of kale. Initially developed as a food source for abalone to increase their nutrition and growth, the new strain is now being examined for commercial consumption due to its flavor of bacon when cooked.

This new alga has resulted in a superfood for the albacore allowing for them to be grown at record breaking rates. At the same time, it will drop the price of its natural cousin which can be as expensive as $100 for 500g when used medicinally as a nutritional supplement. Hopefully one day it will find its way to the market for human consumption.

Science and innovation in any business tends to lead to some fantastic breakthroughs and few things are more fantastic than bacon.