It’s a hot day, the sun is shining, and your iPhone is about to die because of all the Instagramming you did earlier of beautiful flowers. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could harness the power of the sun to charge your phone while outside?

That is just the question that the team over at Yolk asked themselves which lead to the development of Solar Paper, the world’s thinnest and lightest solar charger.

Based out of Chicago, Yolk has developed a folding solar panel that is thin enough to fit in a notebook that can charge an iPhone in around three hours on a sunny day. It comes in many different power levels including 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W and 10W.

On July 7th they launched their Kickstarter campaign and in a mere 29 hours, they had reached their goal of $50,000. As of this writing, they are sitting at $207,401 with another 37 days to go!

The orders have been so massive in this first week that Yolk had to batch the orders of the releases, with the first wave expectant to ship this September and the second in the spring of 2016. You can still pledge to support the project to receive your very own solar charger; the lowest buy-in is currently $69 for the 5W charger. Visit their Kickstarter here.

Such massive support for personal solar panels truly shows the need and desire for renewable clean energy in every facet of our lives!