Here at Global Efficient Energy we not only love efficiency (it’s in our name after all) but also innovation! This is precisely why we are so excited for the work that is going on over at Escape Dynamics.

This Colorado startup is looking to revolutionize the space industry by sending ships into space using microwaves.

The concept behind their design is to charge batteries from the conventional power grid or from solar panels to a pre designed capacity. Once the charge is complete, microwaves are then fired at a microwave heat exchanger that is mounted on the space vehicle itself.

As the microwaves are turned into heat, a hydrogen tank onboard the ship is then heated and used to power its rockets. As the ship moves, the microwave transmitters would track it in order to maintain the thrust as the ship moves to break the atmosphere. This would eliminate the need for grossly expensive rocket fuel while also being clean and efficient.

In fact the efficiency continues in that by eliminating the need for batteries on the ship and having a less dense fuel, it would weigh less and require less thrust to break the atmosphere. The rockets would also be more efficient than standard ones by about 25% and would eliminate the need for phase firing like current rockets.

If everything goes according to plan they should begin flying drones as a proof of concept with anticipation of a full atmospheric break in 2020. This is of course once they finish raising the $200 million they need for research and development and the $1 billion that is projected to be needed to complete the entire venture.