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The old adage, “make hay while the sun is shining” also holds true when it comes to solar energy, although in this case, it is energy and not hay that is being made. You might be asking what other variables besides a shining sun are considered when looking at placement for a solar project?

Well we are always here to help!

Solar Resources Available: One of the most important factors considered is the amount of sunlight that reaches the area, for without solar resources, there is no solar power. Factors for this are not only North/South geographical location but also which direction the project is to face. External factors are also considered such as a large tree that throws a huge shadow.

Weather: Both temperature and wind are key factors in solar site location. The temperature affects how efficient the panels can operate and has to be considered for optimization year round. Wind, and the debris it carries, is also strongly considered as this not only places wear and tear on solar panels, but can also cover them with dust reducing their efficiency. Think along the lines of the Mars rover that shut down because its solar panels got dusty, just not on a billion dollar scale.

Precipitation: Snow and rain may not stop the US Mail, but they are notoriously hard on solar panels. Both in the sense of efficiency and wear and tear, these factors are heavily considered for placement.

There are many other factors that our experts consider when looking at your home but these three are the most major ones. Have you scheduled your free home energy audit yet?

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