Necessity is the mother of invention.

As California continues its horrible five year drought, the need for innovation and efficiency are beginning to take center stage in order to allow things to operate. In light of this, Nautilus Data Technologies is looking to make use of the ocean in order to cool server farms.

A few miles north of San Francisco, the company currently has a prototype server barge moored at Mare Island. This barge is currently being used and tested as a proof on concept.

The idea behind this is that California is wasting a great deal of money and water bringing in water to cool server farms. By taking these farms out to sea, they are able to significantly cut down on costs.

These barges would efficiently cool down servers while remaining eco-friendly, all the while being cost efficient. This is an interesting shift of thought from the current move towards solar powered server farms in desert areas.

The prototype looks to be finalized and tested by years end with expectations of implementation before June of next year. The innovation at hand here is similar to the utilization of ocean space for wind farms that we wrote about a few weeks ago. You can read all about that here.