IKEA is no longer just about furniture with cartoons to illustrate assembly or meatballs of a somewhat questionable origin. Instead, they are starting to become synonymous with solar energy.

A little over a week ago IKEA announced that their recent solar project, installation of 259,000-square-foot solar array atop their new St. Louis store has been completed. This marks the largest solar array in the state of Missouri.

The massive array is part of IKEA’s goal to become completely clean energy dependent and sustainable. This specific array, according to EPA.Gov, will generate the equivalent power needed to power 169 homes every year.

To date this puts IKEA at 90% of all its stores in the United States as utilizing renewable energy. It is not only extremely environmentally friendly, but makes use of a significant square footage atop those massive buildings.

With so many large companies switching to solar and sustainable energy, what are you waiting for?