Here at Global Efficient Energy we pride ourselves on our relationships, not only with our clientele but also with our partners in our passion for clean, efficient energy. In our efforts to make the world more energy efficient, we teamed up with Icynene in order to better meet the efficiency demands of our customers in the most economical and eco-friendly way. Part of what we do is look at insulation as part of our Free Home Project Quote.

Focusing on spray foam, here are 4 benefits of using proper insulation in your home:

1. Efficiency – With proper insulation, your home can more effectively be cooled and heated. By making your home easier to cool in the summer and heat in the winter, you waste less energy maintaining a comfortable temperature. This results in a lower energy bill and a smaller carbon footprint.

2. Air Quality – Foam insulation not only keeps the comfortable temperature in, but keeps the outside out. By filling in air leaks, allergens and pollens are kept outside of the home. Bonus: spray foam is not a nesting material for animals or insects so it also serves to protect your home from them and you from any irritants they might have!

3. Waterproof – Use of foam insulation increases the protection of your home from water damage. With the exception of being completely submerged for an extended amount of time, spray foam will help keep the insides of your home safe from damage should your roof develop a leak!

4. Rebates – Depending on where you live you might be eligible for government rebates when you have spray foam installed in your home. Even the government knows it’s good for your home and the environment and wants to make it easily accessible!

Start reaping the benefits today! Contact us for your Free Home Project Quote to see how insulation and many other things can start saving you money!