As more and more business is being moved to the cloud, there is the increasing need for massive server farms where servers can be housed, maintained and cooled. As companies continue to look towards the future, they are creating larger and larger facilities in anticipation of the growth that is sure to come.

And if you want something big, you come to Texas.

Just this last July, Facebook broke ground on a 750,000 square foot campus data center in Fort Worth. In addition to being massive, this data center is to be cooled and maintained via power generated by solar panels. The growth in this industry seems to be gaining constant momentum.
Last week RagingWire confirmed their plans for a 1 million square foot facility in Garland, Texas. This super-sized data center can manage up to 80 megawatts of needed power and is on a 42 acre plot of land.

Even Microsoft, who currently has a 470,000 square foot hub outside of San Antonio, is looking to expand further into Texas. They are currently in negotiations to purchase 100 additional acres outside of San Antonio for another facility.

Though Texas can’t win them all as Apple is currently in the first phase of a $950 million data center campus in Galway, Ireland, but with an entry low barrier of entry, Texas is sure to continue to see a massive influx in this industry.