Florida might have competition for the title of Sunshine State. Last week the sunny state of California achieved a new state record of electricity generation peak for utility-scale solar energy according to a recent grid report.

The grid operator reported that the new record of 6.391 gigawatts of AC current was achieved on August 20. This amount relates to both utility-sized solar photovoltaic and concentrating solar power projects.

This marks a nearly 15% uptick from the previous peak record of electricity generated by solar panels in California two months prior. Even more astounding, is when this number is compared to August of last year when the record was 4.813.

California is rapidly moving toward efficient, clean energy. Governor Jerry Brown’s pledge to have at least 50% of all energy in the state of California from renewables looks to be becoming more and more achievable.

Such a rapid growth in solar and renewables makes us excited to open our new office in Orange County! We will be part of the California Green Energy revolution coming this October!