Last week in our blog post Solar In the United States Continues to Pick Up Speed, we mentioned how California generates over half of the United States’ solar energy. This week we found something else that makes us ever more excited to open our office in Irvine next month: solar powered concerts.

The indie band calls themselves Trapdoor Social and comes out of Pomona, California. The two founders, Merrit Graves and Skylar Funk met while attending Pomona College in 2008. While studying in the environmental analysis program, they realized their shared desire to fight climate change and joined collaborative forces.

In 2011 they combined their desire for social and climate change and created their band. With their second EP, they raised $35,000 in solar panels which they then donated to Homeboy Industries, a Los Angeles based non-profit.

Now the group has funded their own solar trailer so that they can perform with 100% clean energy. The 1.64 kW solar trailer allows the band to power lights and instruments for several hours and is even able to store energy when the sun goes down. Additionally this allows them to have performances anywhere that they wish, given the space.

It is phenomenal to see artists so young taking such fantastic steps towards sustainability. This is a great demonstration of the innovation that everyone needs to take towards correcting our current stance towards climate change. At the same time, it also shows the versatility and efficiency of solar panels.

Like the band says in their video, “Solar power is here, and it’s ready to party.”