In last week’s blog post Charge Your Car While Driving, we highlighted the challenge that clean/green energy faces when it comes to charge and energy storage.

Energy storage is a constant concern for energy solutions such as solar and wind energy that are often subject to the mercy of the weather. However, as efficiency of solar panels and other renewables increases, energy storage will become vital to complete our independence from fossil fuels.

Elon Musk has already seen this opportunity for the market of energy storage and has taken massive steps towards the market of energy storage and batteries with the new gigafactory being built outside of Reno, Nevada. The demand for the batteries that are being produced is so great that they went on a waiting list for up to a year shortly following the ability to pre-order.

Much like when solar panels first became possible for residents, these batteries are on the pricey side and cannot yet store enough energy for complete reliance on solar energy. Over time, this will quickly change as the technology gets better and more efficient.

In fact, in a recent study published by Australian Renewable Energy Agency, it is speculated that we can see a drop in cost for large scale storage by over 50% in the next 5 years. Given enough support and commitment to green and efficient energy, it won’t be long before we are completely free of fossil fuels!