If you have ever done laundry in a public laundry facility then there is a good chance you know the blinding rage you feel when you return to find your clean laundry has been stacked atop a machine. Now imagine how much angrier you would be if the same situation occurred with your electric vehicle at a charging station.

This is precisely what is happening in California, where electric vehicles significantly outnumber the charging stations throughout the state.

California has a massive eco-friendly and renewable energy movement. Over half of all solar energy in the United States is generated in California. Additionally, nearly half of all electric vehicles in the United States are registered in this renewable energy state.

The problem that is occurring is that for these approximately 160,000 vehicles, there are only 15,000 public charging stations to provide energy. This supply and demand for this clean energy has seen a significant uptick in bad etiquette of drivers as they fight over charging stations.

There have been countless incidents involving the unplugging of another vehicle in order to charge one’s own car. This has led to instances of property damage and assault when drivers are slighted by another driver. There are even instances of black markets forming in order to set up charging orders for vehicles in certain areas.

California is seeing the first social changes that are coming from the movement towards green energy. These changes, although annoying initially, demonstrate that California is rapidly advancing in the field of renewables and has opportunities for further growth. We at Global Efficient Energy can’t wait to be a part of the California scene this month and help make renewable energy as commonplace as gas stations!