Carbon dioxide, at certain levels, is part of the necessary balance of the Earth’s environment. Over recent decades, the constant burning of fossil fuels has led to an increasing imbalance of pollutants in the air. This, in turn, has started the clean energy movement as a means of combating the increasing amount of emission.

This is a necessary step in order to halt the damage being done to the environment by stopping emissions. However, this raises the question of then how to remove them to a safe level?

Such a quandary now has a very nice prize of 20 million dollars for anyone that can figure out the best way to convert C02 into something useful. The desire is alter the mindset of innovators that have for years pondered how to contain carbon emissions to how to remove and convert it.

With the 20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, hopefully this shift in mindset will spark some amazing innovation. Some ideas that have already been broached are converting c02 into jewelry as well as building materials for homes.

According to their website, “The winning team will convert the most CO2 emissions into the highest value products. To be competitive, teams will have to make the business case for their approach as well as minimize their use of energy, water, land, and other inputs that have consequences for the environment.”

Innovation and efficiency will be key in this new wing of the green energy movement. Green, efficient energy will halt the dangerous levels of emissions and new technology will remove it and convert it to something useful. You can read more about the contest on their website here.