Winter is coming. All easy Game of Thrones jokes aside, depending on where you live, winter is a massive drain on anyone’s household. With shifting temperatures, homes must be warmed, and then kept at a temperature through the cold winter nights. Little inefficiencies in your home can lead to a massive waste of heat and energy, which in turn, increases your monthly energy bill.

Fear not the winter! Here are 5 tips to help you improve your home’s ability to retain warmth and save on your energy bill!

1. Check the seals on your doors and windows. One of the easiest ways for warm air to escape your home is through the crooks and crannies that lead to the outside. Check to make sure that your doors are hung well and your windows close snugly. In the case of some windows that do not open, check the caulking around where the window seals into the wall to make sure there are no gaps.

2. Check your insulation. In the last five years, the technology and techniques used in home insulation has changed dramatically. New foam insulations have improved in their efficiency by up to 40% compared to those of 2010. Additionally, the types of insulation now vary, depending on your climate, to fit the most efficient needs of the home. If your insulation is older, it may be time to have it evaluated.

3. Finish that attic. If you have ever walked into an unfinished home or an unfurnished room, you know the chill factor that those rooms have. When a room is barren, it allows for the warm to quickly rise and then escape. By finishing your attic project, you will help keep the warmth down in the part of the home where people are and avoid losing warmth!

4. Open (and close) the blinds. During the day, make sure you open your blinds and curtains so the sun can shine into your home. This is the best kind of solar energy! It will warm up your home’s interior for free while being pleasant at the same time. Once night falls, close your blinds to add further insulation between your warm air and the cold glass of the windows.

5. Get a free project quote. These are just a few tips on improving your home’s energy efficiency to decrease your bill. By contacting us for a Free In-Home Project Quote, you can learn many other improvements that can be made to your home completely for free!