At the start of next year, Apple will officially be providing 100% of its factory’s power via solar and other renewables in Singapore. This will be achieved via a combination of both rooftop solar, as well as off-site PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).

Such an achievement will mark it as the first company in Singapore to go 100% reliant upon renewable energy.

Some 800 panels are currently being mounted on the buildings which will account for 1.1 MW of clean, renewable energy. The additional 40GW of power needed will be via the PPA in order to make this completely reliant on renewables.

This marks a continuing trend of huge corporations taking climate change and clean energy seriously. Following in the footsteps of Facebook, which we talked about in our post on Everything Is Bigger In Texas, these companies are making the financial and environmental commitments to clean free energy.

In an interview, Goh Chee Kiong, Executive Director of Singapore Economic Development Board stated, “We are confident that this pioneering business model of offsite power-purchase agreements will help Singapore address our space scarcity challenge and spur even more companies in Singapore to scale their renewable energy usage.”

To top it off, Apple has also announced their first Apple store will be opening in Singapore. This marks the first store to open in Southeast Asia.