It is always interesting to look at the peripheral benefits of going solar. We all know that going solar not only significantly reduces your energy bill, increases your home’s value, and decreases your solar footprint, but did you know that it can save water too?

Recently, we wrote about the amazing viability of solar in desert regions such as Morocco and Nevada, but one of the best states for solar is lagging behind, Arizona. The factors that have caused this delay are many but not necessarily the subject of this post. Rather, we want to highlight a recent scientific report that demonstrated that Arizona could save 15 billion gallons of water a year by increasing their reliance upon solar.

Fifteen billion gallons is enough to serve almost 100,000 homes in a year. Currently, Arizona uses a vast majority of their water on agriculture, but a significant portion is used in order to cool inefficient energy sources of gas, coal, and nuclear power plants.

According to the report, Arizona currently generates only 1% of its energy from rooftop solar and only 15% of its energy statewide from renewables. If this percentage of rooftop solar grew to 20%, the report calculates that 15 billion gallons of water would be freed up due to the lack of need for cooling.

While this percentage increase may seem high, thousands of home owners are going solar every day here in the United States. Additionally, the concept of being 50% reliable upon renewables by 2030 is a rapidly growing goal for many nations worldwide so it makes this increase a very real possibility.

As the world grows more and more reliant upon renewables and clean energy, it will be truly amazing to see what new benefits are revealed!