Here at Global Efficient Energy, we love to talk about electric vehicles. Whether it is the Global Electrification Strategy at Volvo or California Electric Vehicles Exceeding Charging Stations, we love the innovative, environmental, and economic standards that they represent.

Recently it was revealed that a new electric startup is about to take the stage and has their sights set on dethroning Tesla. Following the Tesla Motors example of luxury electric vehicles, Faraday Future will be focused entirely on top tier electric vehicles.

Luxury electric vehicles isn’t the only page out of Tesla’s playbook that Faraday is copying either. In fact, their name is taken from Michael Faraday, the scientist that contributed heavily to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry in the 18th century, similar to how Tesla got their name.

Furthermore, Faraday Future is currently considering opening its brand new, billion dollar facility in several states including California, where their main office is. This mirrors the strategy used by Tesla and is perhaps due to the fact that Faraday’s leadership consists of several former Tesla executives.

Our hope is that they decide on California! Our newest office just opened in California and we couldn’t be happier. California should continue to be a leader in green technology and we are thrilled to be a part of it all!