Innovation and advancements in technology are some of our favorite things here at Global Efficient Energy. It has been advancement in technology that brought us from the sun powered sun dial to the solar powered home.

It is the same spirit of innovation that will be brining Dungeons and Dragons to a virtual reality setting.

Recently, Wizards of the Coast, publisher of the table top role playing game Dungeons and Dragons, teamed up with AltspaceVR to bring the old domestic staple to virtual reality. Originally published in 1974, this dice and character sheet driven game has been wildly popular growing out of basements and into family rooms everywhere.

Over time this game gave birth to games following in the same genre on video game consoles. This eventually led to things such as Skyrim and MMORPGS. However, as technology and the age of the geek made these games extremely popular, the social aspect of being in the same room in a house for 6 hours at a time adventuring has been lost.

This move hopes to recapture the feeling of the original game while further immersing the players. The interface itself places the user in a virtual tavern in the bard and warrior days at a table with the other players. The rest is as it would be as if they were playing in person, from the dice to the models and the screaming at each other to cast magic missile.

Such a direction will capitalize on the burgeoning renaissance of table top games while at the same time allowing for friends and family separated by distance to still enjoy a social gaming experience. We can’t wait to be fireside destroying ogres from the safety of our own home!